Saturday, December 12, 2015

Writing Fiction: Past vs. Present Day

Many writers enjoy creating stories in a modern setting.  Not me.  Perhaps those who write historic novels and regency romances do so for some of the same reasons that I choose the past for a good story setting.

Somehow it is much easier to create intrigue and cause your characters all sorts of problems without the convenience of modern technology.  No cell phones to make a quick phone call or computers to get information.  Without modern media, communications and other technology, a person can disappear and not be found--intentionally or unintentionally.  All sorts of deeds and misdeeds can be done and not be so quickly, if ever, discovered. 

But also there is a warmth about looking backward to simpler, less complicated times, when the outside world was farther away and not sitting on our desk top.  My mystery/romance series, The War This Side Of Heaven, is set in the late 1960's.  The town is Albuquerque, New Mexico, but like Route 66, the story line winds from Chicago to L.A., especially the second and third books.  This period was the time that still held much of the old charm of the American Southwest.  The Mother Road was still the way to travel, with all sorts of interesting places to stop, including the ones you counted on, like Stucky's.  ABQ is where I saw my first drive-through liquor store, and the little motels on the west end of town had that wonderful look of paint on old adobe.  It had much more charm than the sprawling metropolis of today.

Ah!  Those were the days, especially for the kind of stories I like to write.  Mystery, romance, suspense, adventure, during a time when families sat down together at the dinner table on a daily basis and a highball was often the only drug of choice.  I would be curious to hear from some of you out there who write fiction, to hear your thoughts on Past vs. Present Day for story settings.  Any takers?

The War This Side Of Heaven:

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  • Book 2 -- Man Trouble (on Amazon) Trailer:
  • Short Story -- Heart of a Man In Love (on Amazon) Trailer:
  • Book 3 -- Killing Old Ghosts (expected release date Summer 2016)

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