Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Long Overdue Update

My life in entertainment has taken up much of my time, lately, and the loss of my sister Wanda Coleman last November has affected my writing somewhat.  Suddenly I have lost what some people may call a muse. While writing I would often think to myself, "What would Wanda say about it?"  That has been a way of policing myself and making me reach higher regarding what I put in print.  Wanda, the unofficial poet laureate of Los Angeles, had won numerous awards for her writing, including an Emmy and a Guggenheim.  I can still police myself with that thought, of course, but now it doesn't carry the threat that it once did.  If you had known my outspoken sister, you would probably understand.

I am happy to have released another book and a video to go with it.  The book is a short story based on the full length trilogy, and the title is Heart of a Man In Love.  It is about love from a man's viewpoint, and this particular man is hiding a colorful past--and present, all of which he knows he must let go of in order to have the girl he wants.  The video is on You Tube.

Since my last post I've been to Huntsville, Alabama on a business trip, helping my hubby, and we've both fallen in love with the South.  That was last year.  This year we had the pleasure of being booked in Baltimore, Maryland, to entertain at the International Al Jolson Festival.  We've been booked at several festivals this year, and it's a lot of hard work and fun.  But I am also working on getting done with my seconded full length book in The War This Side of Heaven trilogy.  The title is Man Trouble and my heroine does have her hands full with older men and others closer to her own age.  And that man with the shadowy past is clouding her judgement to the point that he's getting harder and harder to resist.  What's a girl to do?   Get a copy and escape to 1968 and adventure in the Land of Enchantment.