Saturday, October 12, 2013

New Book Trailer!

Take a look at my new book trailer.  It took a bit of doing, but I like the way it turned out.  I hope you will enjoy it.

I hope that all of my friends are doing well.  Things are slowly moving forward for me while others seem to be at a stand still.  It helps to have something to look forward to, as well as having good things to keep you busy.

I will soon publish my short story, Heart of a Man in Love.  It will be on Amazon, of course.  Eventually I'll also get around to formatting it for Kindle.  I've added some good stuff to it, extending it quite a bit with more dialogue and detail.  Short stories are not really that easy to write.  Not for me, anyway, but I did enjoy the challenge and plan to keep trying my hand at it.

The second book in The War This Side of Heaven trilogy is not likely to get published this year as planned. I'm much too picky, and there is still much to work on in Man Trouble.  At last I may have someone who is willing to help me with editing.  She's a delightful new friend of mine in Arizona.  She and her husband are retired and she loves to read.  She read The After School Murders and is looking forward to the next book. I just may let her take a look at some of it.  Feedback from others before publishing is so important and yet can be so hard to get.

Well, it is late now and I really should be going to bed.  I wanted to post this because I'm so happy and excited about the new trailer.  Thanks for staying in touch.