Tuesday, August 14, 2012

So Very Excited!

    There are a number of reasons that I am especially happy and excited right now.  First of all, I just can't get over the cover that I created for the second book in my trilogy.   It makes me so thankful to God for my talents and my heritage--in this case, what I learned from my father.  He was a graphic artist, and all of us kids used to spend time (back then it was more like "doing time") at his shop.  Sometimes I was there all by myself answering the phone and I would get bored to tears.  But then there were times when daddy would show me how to do things.  It was the most fun when we could go to work with him and help out.
     The other reasons have to do with all of the people who are excited about my book(s) and are willing to help me to promote it.  Some are people that I've only met online.  Others are family and old friends, and new friends, too.  I've done a guest blog for Trish Jackson and now a lady I met on Link In named Vivienne Diane Neal has asked me to submit a blog on her site:  http://oneworldsingles.blogspotcom.  It will appear on August 20, 2012 beginning at 12 a.m
     When people reach out to bless someone in seemingly small ways, it is not a small thing.  We never know how much it can mean to encourage someone in their endeavors, or to utter a few words that point them to something that will elevate their circumstances.  For me, the kindness that people show make the evil in the world seem less powerful and life even more worth living.
      So here is a word of thanks to all of you who are coming along side of me, to support and just to be my friend and share some of the things we both enjoy.  I have many new friends through Facebook and Linked in, and it's more fun than ever.  Thank you all.  And may the best of God's blessings fill your lives to overflowing.


Wednesday, August 1, 2012