Sunday, October 25, 2015

I'm Baaaaack! New book and busy, busy life

     Some things must go by the wayside, like writing a regular blog.  How can the artist work on his craft if he must constantly promote and involve himself with social media, email lists and whatnot?  With all the modern technology and time-saving conveniences of this present age, we have much less time to relax and enjoy life than we did 30 or 40 years ago.  And it's not about to get any better.
      But now, here I am again, an entertainer ( as well as the mother of a new non-profit organization ( and giving the blog a try, while I prepare to start a new job.  With the soon release of the second book in my series (in about 5 days), I want to reach out and let my online friends know to look for it.  This new book is my husband's favorite in the trilogy.  I think my favorite is the third book, but I have certainly enjoyed them all.
      The title of the new book is Man Trouble.  In this one, my heroine, Janette West, has her hands full with all kinds of adventures.  Then on top of that, the man who is her teacher, David Conrad, seems to have far more than an academic interest in her.  In the beginning she figures she can handle it, while she subtly digs for clues to whatever secret the man is hiding.  Before she knows it, though, she falls in love with this middle aged playboy and is terrified of the consequences of involvement.
     But that's just one of her men.  Aside from a couple of young ones from her peer group, she gets introduced to another older man, and just in time for the holidays.  A handsome blond beefcake by the name of Teddy Molloy blows in from Chicago and shows up at the church house one evening in December.  In his late twenties, he is also out of her league age-wise, but that doesn't put her off.  After a rough introduction, the two find some good common ground and quickly grow into a tight relationship.  There's only one big obstacle to the two getting even better acquainted.  Molloy happens to be a Roman Catholic priest.
     So here we have one lovely teenaged girl (yes, "teenaged" is a proper word, just like "middle aged," which also closes with a "d") who has two very attractive older men who have greatly attached themselves to her, and she to them.  While she doesn't think of it as a triangle, once the men discover each other, war breaks out.  And while all this is going on, here comes the setup for uncovering and solving the mystery in David Conrad's past. 
     I've had lots of fun writing these books, and the fun will always continue, whether I have the time to blog about it or not.  Take a look at the new trailer that I've created for Man Trouble on You Tube.  It's there along with the others in the series, The After School Murders  and Heart Of A Man In Love.  The link to the video is
    I do hope that you'll like the video and that you'll pick up a copy of Man Trouble--either paperback or on Kindle.  You will certainly find some very good entertainment in its pages.  I made sure of that.

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