Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Happy, Happy Holidays!

This has been a tough year for many of us, financially and otherwise.  But certainly there have been bright spots that we can look back on and draw strength from, which will help us to enjoy a happier Hanukkah, Christmas and New Years.

For me there have been some landmarks this year.  My husband and I finally signed with an agent/manager.  We performed at the prestigious star-studded Silver Spur Awards, entertaining and rubbing elbows with such delightful people as Lou Gossett, Jr., Wilford Brimley, Bo Hopkins, and Bo Svenson.  Of course, the biggest landmark for me was finally, after umpteen years, publishing my first novel, The After School Murders.  Sales for my book are finally starting to move, and I love it when people say, "I can't wait to read it!"  Still Rick and I are far from reaching many of the goals we've set for ourselves.  We struggle as so many do to stay afloat and keep moving ahead.  But we are encouraged as opportunities continue to present themselves.

Rick and I are fortunate in that this is always a busy and very enjoyable party season--and sometimes it even brings work. But as the holidays approach I am especially aware of those who are not enjoying good health or have lost loved ones this year.  I just heard of a friend, a fellow performer, who is fighting for his livelihood and his first love after suffering a stroke and losing the use of a hand; his beloved pet died shortly after he sustained the stroke. Another friend had to cancel her annual Christmas party because her elderly husband is very ill.  My sister Wanda has been in and out of the hospital with problems the doctors aren't quite able to deal with.  Another friend lost his mother right around the Thanksgiving holiday.  I am glad to be able to reach out and offer comfort to them and to pray that God in his love and mercy will lift them up.

Because this is a season of remembering great miracles, let us all turn to God for help in our present circumstances, whatever they may be; and let us also pray for others in pain and in need.  God is love personified, and he is greater than all our human frailties and limitations.  In Messiah Y'shua (Jesus) our creator has provided for all that we need, and we only need to reach out to him in faith.  Of course, it is best to give him everything in our lives--our successes, our failures, our shortcomings--and to give him full sway in all that concerns us.  His love toward us is great, and to trust in his love is a wonderful thing.

My prayer for you, and all of those who have connected with me online, is that God will bring you the miracles you need in your life now and in the year ahead.  That he will open your eyes to see the doors that lead to his blessings and to give you understanding when he closes doors to the things not beneficial.

All of God's best to you at this season and in the coming year!


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