Tuesday, November 6, 2012

New Ideas -- Expanding Horizons!

Right now I'm working to get The After School Murders up on Kindle.  I hope to have it up by next week (November 12th).  Although it's designed to attract lovers of mystery and suspense, I do hope that those who love romance will give it serious consideration.  The series is loaded with love triangles and I've created some yummy characters in David Conrad (introduced in book one) and Teddy Molloy (introduced in book two) that the ladies will certainly enjoy.  

Though I must confess that I am deeply attached to the characters in The War This Side of Heaven, a new idea began to form in my brain that harkens back to my days of reading one Gothic romance after another and watching countless hours of Dark Shadows.  Although I will be editing the next book, Man Trouble, for release next spring (hopefully), I kind of dig this new idea a lot and will be working to develop it for all of the ladies out there who love a juicy ROMANCE novel. Hmmm, which era should I choose?

I'm also considering a project for writers and other creative people who struggle with dry periods of creativity.  Everyone talks about writer's block and with some it's a serious thing.  For me, I find that any dry periods I encounter last only a few minutes, and I believe I know the reason why.  I'm considering writing a short book that will show others how they can prime the pump of their own creativity and keep the ideas coming.  Is that something you'd be interested in?  Let me know.

Now, what do Patty Hearst, JFK, Cornell Wilde, Salvadore Dali, Mark David Chapman, and Charlton Heston all have in common?  Her name is Dorothy Kann and she's my mother-in-law.  Dorothy is in her 90s and yesterday my husband and I made some serious effort to get info out of her for a book that will include her biography, her art work and her poetry.  Dorothy was and still is quite an artist and has done some interesting portraits--such as Patty Hearst.  She's also dated some interesting men.  And the stories that go with the art--well, you'll just have to read the book.  I'll post some of the photos of her on Facebook when I get a moment to scan a few.  She was quite fetching in her day.  I may even challenge you to guess which one is Dorothy and which is her twin sister Lucille.

Well, duty calls.  I must take care of non-creative stuff.  Your comments are appreciated, so don't be shy.

Till next time.


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